Promoting Self-Reliance: Our goal is to help you return to an active lifestyle. We teach our patients techniques that can easily be performed outside of our clinic: self-massage, stretching, strengthening, muscle relaxation, exercise, coping techniques, recognizing and avoiding flare-ups, and more.

Fully Customized Programs: Every patient faces different challenges and reacts differently to pain and dysfunction. So instead of a fixed program, we evaluate the needs of each person and tailor the treatment to their individual needs.

Effective Drug-Free Treatments: Although we work with doctors who can prescribe medication where necessary, our philosophy is to give people effective tools, so that they can treat themselves.

Yoga and Back Pain

A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine (U.K.) of people with chronic back found that yoga helped ease that pain. Half of the 313 participants participated in weekly yoga classes taught by yoga instructors who had special training in yoga for back pain. This type of yoga is more gentle that typical yoga. …

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Four Criteria for an Active Self-Management Pain Program

Self-management of chronic pain means giving patients not just the information but also the skills necessary to manage their pain and remain active in day-to-day life. This requires more than just telling your patients how to do an exercise: it entails ongoing support and guidance to help them master those skills and establish certain corrective …

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